The ‘Space Between’ is created when the client and therapist come together. The quality of this connection is one of the most crucial parts of successful therapy. This space is unique to each individual client and reflects their specific needs and the qualities of both people. I believe it requires the right conditions to create this space, but once established, this is where the work is done.

Counselling and psychotherapy is a unique experience. A safe, confidential space, removed from ordinary life, that is all about you, the client. Having an opportunity to be seen and heard in this way can be extremely helpful.

Research consistently shows that therapy can be successful and helpful. One of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of the process is the quality of the relationship between the client and counsellor. This is why it is crucial to find someone you connect with. Do you feel safe with them, listened to and cared for?

My Approach

I am an integrative therapist, meaning I have been trained in a broad range of therapies. In particular, I draw upon Gestalt Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy. I am influenced by Existentialism and informed by Attachment Theory and Neuroscience. This has then enabled me to develop my own philosophy of counselling; creating one cohesive approach, drawing on the richness of various modalities.

I have a three-phase framework that I use with all clients:

Connecting - creating the right conditions for the client to feel safe, developing trust and building a strong therapeutic relationship.

Exploring - together, examining all the parts that make up the whole of a person, including historical background and here-and-now experiences. Paying attention to reactions and being curious, with the aim of raising awareness.

Integrating - ongoing experimentation in the room and in the real world to test new approaches and develop skills. Moving to a place of acceptance and wholeness.

Fees and Sessions

I offer counselling and psychotherapy on both a long-term, open-ended and shorter, fixed-term basis to adults and 16/17-year-olds. We can chat about what feels right for you in our initial meeting.

Sessions are 60 minutes long, normally held weekly or fortnightly. 

My fee is £50 per session. I hold a fixed number of reduced-cost slots for those on low incomes. 

My preferred payment method is by bank transfer and I produce weekly or monthly invoices for your records. I also accept card payments.

When: I work Monday to Friday during the day and have some evening and early morning sessions to fit around work commitments.

Where:  I offer face-to-face therapy at Argyle House in central Exeter, where I use a variety of their professional, modern therapy rooms. Argyle house can be found sandwiched between Exeter Library and Gandy Street, just a few minutes walk from the train and bus stations. 

I also offer online video sessions via zoom.  


Real liberation comes not from glossing over or repressing painful states of feeling, but only from experiencing them to the full

Carl Jung

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